Fun things to do in SQ6 (for when you're bored)

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Fun things to do in SQ6 (for when you're bored)

Post by Rath Darkblade » Sat Feb 20, 2021 8:15 am

Have you tried these? ;) (And were you aware of them?)

1) Touch the system menu in the cyberspace office screen (i.e. at the top left).

Gary Owens tells you about how Windows (and the internet superhighway) controls you. ;) Yep, it did - and with no cat videos...

2) Look for the Project Immortality file before you should.

You immediately get a little lecture about cheating and lose 200 points. :P But you get them back.

3) Check on the Space Quest file cabinet. (Can you get a folder?)

No - but there are two folders, "Space Quest Team" and "Space Quest 7". Both give you the standard reply: "It would not be prudent to look at this at the moment." :lol:

The reply ("it wouldn't be wise to look at the team") takes on a darker tone because not only did the MIDI musician leave halfway through, but also Josh Mandel (the original writer) left due to internal squabbles with Sierra. Scott Murphy replaced him, but when the game was released, Scott was given sole credit by Sierra's marketing. This displeased Scott, who wanted to share the credit, and probably led to him leaving Sierra.

Also, one of Josh's puzzles - programming the datacorder - was covered in the game, but someone in Sierra cut it (not sure why). Josh even wrote and drew a whole comic book for Space Quest 6, which was supposed to help with the datacorder. But when it was cut, the whole puzzle became much harder. Josh went on record, saying he was sad (and angry) that this was cut. :(

There are others, too - but have fun looking for them. For instance: try to touch Captain Kielbasa's kitty litter. ;)

The ending credits are fun, too ...

Over the credits, Roger Wilco mumbles ...

(at the "Writers" screen)

Who wrote this crap? Oh yeah, Scott. Uh, (stutter) g-g-goo-goo-good work.

(at the "Animators" screen)

Did you hear about the animator who killed himself? He couldn't draw his own breath.

(at a random screen)

These, by the way, are the credits. They're called "Credits" because we can't afford to pay anyone until we sell more units.

(at a random screen)

All these people worked on this dumb game?

(end of credits, flying off into space...)

OK, buh-bye. Buh-bye. That's it. Buh-bye. No more. (etc., eventually with a bigger and bigger echo on his voice).

(Screen becomes blank)

Gary: This is Gary Owens -- signing off!

So when you're bored, and feel like a little SQ6 ... there, I've saved you the trip. ;)

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