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The 2012 AGS Awards - Nominate Space Quest!

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:36 pm
by Datadog
(Copying this from the VB) It's that time again!

This year, both "Space Quest: Incinerations" and the "Space Quest 2" remake are eligible for nominations (SQ2+ was a 2011 release, but was entered into their database in 2012 if you're wondering). So you should head on over to the AGS website, log into their forums (necessary step), and fill out this year's nominations to help your favorite space janitor come out on top again! You can fill out more than one nomination per category, so you don't have to play favorites between games (but I will promote nominating Doomtron in the character categories).

For more Space Quest nomination goodness, you can also nominate Akril's "Pledge Quest" games which were developed by members of the SQ community. Both games center around saving Space Quest and even feature an evil cat named Vohaul so go give those games some love too!