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Space Quest Links

Post by Collector » Sat May 07, 2016 3:20 pm

Tech support for the Space Quest Series. Need help with the Space Quest games and can't wait for a response? Check out the Space Quest Series info on the Sierra Help Pages.

Space Quest DOSBox XP/Vista/Win7 Installers
For those trying to install the Space Quest games the on a modern PC, I have written new installers for the old Sierra DOS games. It will install your game and set it up to run automatically in DOSBox from Windows shortcut, just like any Windows game or program. Just download the right installer for your game. These installers do not include the games. You must own the games to install them.
New Space Quest Collector's Edition DOSBox Installer
This is one of my more elaborate installers. Each game comes with its own DOSBox configuration utility. As usual, it includes all patches and high res icons. If you have the Collector's Edition, please give it a try and give some feed back. It is Win7+ compatible. If you have Vista, you can take advantage of the large icons:
New Space Quest Collection Series DOSBox Installer
With the help of MusicallyInspired I was able determine the exact file and directory layout of the Space Quest Collection Series. With this information, I have finally been able to write installers for this collection. As usual, each game comes with its own DOSBox configuration utility, includes all patches and high rez icons. It is Vista/Win7 compatible. If you have Vista or Windows 7, you can take advantage of the large icons. Get it here:
DOSBox Patch for the 2006 VU Space Quest Collection
Note: This patch has been reported to work with the Steam version of the SQ Collection.

I have updated the 2006 SQ collection patch. I have modified it to make it more Vista compatible. It also includes a DOSBox configuration utility and addresses the problem with the "color corruption" that some had with Full screen. This installer is provided free with no guarantee, what so ever. It merely provides some Windows shortcuts, config files and icons to allow the new Sierra Quest Collections released by VU to run in the latest version of DOSBox. It also includes all relevant updates and patches. This patch must be installed in the same location as The Space Quest Collection. To do a clean install use the replacement installer below.
New Installer for the 2006 VU Space Quest Collection
To simplify things for the 2006 VU Space Quest Collection owners, I have made a new installer it. This saves having to use the original flawed installer first and then having to apply the DOSBox patch. Now you can install the Space Quest games in one easy operation. Just insert your Space Quest Collection CD and run the installer. As with the DOSBox patch, the new installer can add the AGI version of SQ1 to the collection if the game's files are in the same folder as the installer when you run it.

* The standard Vista warning for old games should be observed -- because of its limited write access, avoid installing in the %ProgramFiles% folder ("C:\Program Files" on most English systems or "C:\Program Files (x86)" on Win 64 systems) or you may have problems with not being able to save configuration changes or saving games.

Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge VGA for free download
Infamous Adventures's free Space Quest II VGA is available for free download. It features a point and click interface. The game does not use a Sierra engine, so no support will be offered here.
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