DOSBox Patch for New SQ Collection (2006)

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DOSBox Patch for New SQ Collection (2006)

Post by Collector » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:50 pm

Note: This patch has been reported to work with the Steam version of the SQ Collection.

Updated version!
I have updated the 2006 SQ collection patch. I have modified it to make it more Vista compatible. It also includes a DOSBox configuration utility and addresses the problem with the "color corruption" that some had with Full screen.

From the README

DOSBox Patch for
the New Space Quest Collection (2006)

This installer is provided free with no guarantee, what so ever. It merely provides some Windows shortcuts, config files and icons to allow the new Sierra Quest Collections released by VU to run in the latest version of DOSBox. It also includes all relevant updates and patches. This patch must be installed in the same location as The Space Quest Collection.

Vista users should avoid installing the collection in a folder under the %ProgramFiles% folder, as this has restricted write permissions which causes known issues with legacy games. Instead, choose another location such as "C:\Sierra\Space Quest Collection". To apply this patch, just install it in the same location that the Collection was installed.

New Release Notes
NOTE: DOSBox is required to play these games. This installer will automatically setup the games to run in DOSBox, but you must have DOSBox installed in a folder named "DOSBox" in your "Program Files"* folder.

* NOTE: Most users' %ProgramFiles% is "C:\Program Files" for 32 bit Windows or "C:\Program Files (x86)" for 64 bit.

If DOSBox is not installed in %ProgramFiles%\DOSBox, allow this installer to download and install it for you.

DOSBox can be upgraded by installing any future versions of DOSBox into this same location after uninstalling or simply moving the old one. The latest DOSBox can be found at:

This location for DOSBox will allow for the upgrade of DOSBox without the need of a new patch for the games or the

need to edit the shortcuts. Just install newer versions of DOSBox to the same location after uninstalling or simply moving the old version.

I have also included a PDF of the Manual for Spcae Quest VI, as the manual that came with the collection did not include Space Quest VI.

Space Quest Collection(TM) DOSBox Patch Notes
While we are happy that Vivendi Games re-released these wonderful old Sierra classics for us, they were less than perfect releases. Most of the games were set to be run in DOSBox, the open source project to emulate an older PC with DOS.

This was reasonable approach, as it addresses hardware and Operating System incompatibilities, to recreate the environment that the games were designed to run in, thereby bypassing many of the common problems such as timer bugs, sound issues, missing APIs, etc. It also "future proofs" the games against newer versions of Windows ®. However, they shipped it with the older DOSBox 0.63, instead of the much improved 0.65 available at the time. Now several later versions of DOSBox have been released.

Starting with Windows Vista, some versions (64 bit) will no longer be able to run 16 bit programs. The next version of Windows after Vista will only be 64 bit. This means that the Windows versions of most of the Sierra games will soon no longer run in natively Windows. Many that upgrade to Vista will find that their Sierra Windows games won't work.

This patch will preconfigure both game and DOSBox settings to what should be optimal settings for most users. The DOSBox settings can be modified by editing the dosbox.conf in each game's respective folder. While the game settings can also be changed by editing the RESOURCE.CFG file in each game's folder, Sierra originally provided a small program, INSTALL.EXE, with their games that allowed the user to easily configure the game for the PC's hardware. This program and its associated files were removed by the company that prepared the new collections. This patch restores these missing files. Selecting different hardware for each game can now be done by simply running INSTALL.EXE from each game's folder.

Also included are the wonderful timer patches created by NewRisingSun ( ). These patches fix problems that have plagued Sierra gamers for years. These speed bugs were only getting worse as computers got faster.

Closing Notes
Problems, bugs or suggestions can be reported on Sierra Space Quest forum on The Sierra Help Pages:


For help with other Sierra games, see The Sierra Help Pages:

Use of this patch comes with no guarantee, explicit or implied whatsoever. Use at your own risk.

Sierra Entertainment, Inc. ©® Vivendi Universal. Windows Vista ©® Microsoft.
™ and ® indicate trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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