Rama problem

Nonspecific Sierra games or ones that do not have its own forum.
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Rama problem

Post by swannie2k » Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:12 pm

Hi all... just joined today as I was up till 3am last night trying to get Rama to manuall run in DOSBox without much success on my own. I even tried to resurrect an old laptop with DOS just to play my Sierra games but it died in that process too! UGH! Then today I searched DOSBox/Rama and found this wonderful site with all the Sierra installers! I was able to get many of my Sierra gmes running quickly! :) This site is great and thanks to all that make this possible!

The only game that doesn't work is RAMA. It starts DOSBox but then closes almost immediately. I created the images from my original 1996 disks that are like new. Any suggestions? Thanks much and love the site!


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