Torin's Passage 2: Return of the Farmhand-- Pitch

Feeling like this game is just out of this world but can't seem to get a handle on things? Well come on here to post and get some help about Torin's Passage!
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Torin's Passage 2: Return of the Farmhand-- Pitch

Post by Lounge Lizard » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:08 pm

This is my idea for a Torin's Passage 2:

Upon returning to the Lands Above, Torin and Lycentia embark towards the kingdom for Torin to claim his birthright. Kurtwell, the Arch-Authority, has since then become pale, anxious, and paranoid, and the return of Lycentia sets him on edge. He is convinced that Lycentia has manipulated Torin into releasing her, and is still convinced that she is guilty of kidnapping and murder. Lycentia, still angry with Kurtzwell for falsely condemning her, goes on a rampage, and tries to kill Kurtzwell, but he manages to evade her attacks and hides himself under some heavy duty area which Lycentia's enchantments can't reach him. Torin tries to plead with Kurtwell, but Kurtzwell is not convinced that Torin is not under the sorceress's influence. While Lycentia's then disappears in the brink of her breakdown, and Torin has to find other means to infiltrate Kurtzwell's domain. He discovers a series of mini-phenocrysts which allow him to travel to other worlds, as well as other dimensions, which somehow lead to other phenocrysts which will allow him to get closer inside the palace.

What I have in mind for Torin's Passage 2 2ould be to do it in a 3D engine, and I've toyed around with it being as a total conversion for Half-Life 1 or as a standalone game using a opensource Quake engine like Dark Places. It would operate the same way as Torin's Passage, but there would be moments where it would shift perspective. I had one idea where Torin ends up in an alien dimension which resembles Half-Life's Xen, and arrives in another dimension resembling the simplistic fantasy setting KQ1. Rest assured, he'll visit old acquaintances from the first TP, and some new ones too, like the sappy tree's parents (?!), a Spinal Tap parody in Tenebrous, hidden survivors of Asthenia, ugly "giants" of Pergola, and other inhabitants from the Lands Above.

That's the basic idea. What does it need for improvement?

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