ScummVM and the Sierra AGI games

Nonspecific Sierra games or ones that do not have its own forum.
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ScummVM and the Sierra AGI games

Post by Collector » Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:06 pm

ScummVM supports the Sierra AGI games. Besides the early games in the Quest Series, this also includes such classics such as The Black Cauldron, Gold Rush!, and the Manhunter games. Other games include Donald Duck's Playground and the original Mixed-up Mother Goose. Then there are the free fan made AGI games.

For those struggling with mounting drives in DOSBox or are not sure how to set up DOSBox for Tandy or PC Jr. for the polyphonic sound that the games offered, ScummVM may be your answer. In addition, it adds mouse support for these games. Some may find those stairs a little easier with point and click. You can download the latest here:
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