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The INCA 2 "no Audio" solution for the CD-Version

Posted: Tue May 01, 2012 10:59 am
by Chandos
Hello everybody...

Here comes a solution for the CD Version of INCA 2 (V1.000)..

The problem: sometimes, the game starts without sound (except CD Audio).. that means - no speech or sound effects during the game... (CD Audio and FM still works fine)... It doesn't matter if you run the game on an old DOS (Native) or modern PC (inside DOSBox)..

The solution: It seems to be a bug... (or it's an easter egg from coktel) and It's no joke... it has something to do with the actual date of the pc... so if you suffer from the "no sound" problem you have temporary change the date of your PC...

The discovery: I installed the game on two different PC's (PC 1 - an old Celeron 300a with Dos6.22 / PC2 a quadcore Pentium with Windows7 x64 and DOSBox emulation) on 20.04.2012 and 24.12.2012. The sound worked fine on both PC's until 30.04.2012.. I started the game on my quad, but there was no sound... At first I tried reinstalling and different soundcard settings in DOSBox... then I gave up and wanted to finish my saved game on the old machine, but there was no sound either... It was strange that the sound stopped at exact the same day on both machines, because the day before it worked fine... so the conclusion was it has something to do with the date... so i set the date of the old machine 2 days back .. started the game and the sound worked fine again... done the same on my quad.. the sound worked again.... after that, I put the right date back... sound stopped working...