Lost in Time and ScummVM

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Lost in Time and ScummVM

Post by Collector » Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:46 pm

The Lost in Time CD is a mixed mode CD, with the audio on a Red Book audio CD track and the game files on a data track. The animation sequences are timed based the audio track. Because of the differences in the way that DOS (the OS that the game was written for) and modern Windows, the game has a few timing errors that causes the game to hang. ScummVM is the only way to avoid these timing errors.

Just copy all *.stk, *.itk, *.ltk and lost.lic files to your harddrive. Then rip the audio track and name it Track1.mp3, Track1.ogg or Track1.flac, depending on the format that you encode it to and drop it into the same folder. Direct ScummVM to the folder in the "Add game" dialog. This will fix the timing errors and allow you to play without the CD.

You can also make a shortcut to it with:
  • "path to\scummvm.exe" -p"path to game folder" -g2x -F gob
and change the icon to the one included on the CD.
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