dane's semi-regular garage cleanout sale

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dane's semi-regular garage cleanout sale

Post by audiodane » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:26 pm

(View online here) prices subject to negotiation.. :)

Hello and welcome once again to dane's semi-regular garage cleanout sale! This semi-regular event occurs, well, semi-regularly, whenever dane's garage becomes too crowed to fit the the latest in warp-drive motivators in his garage and has to clear out the old to make room for the new. This sale will be featuring a wide assortment of items that you won't want to miss! All items are scheduled for eBay in the very near future, and tons of high-res photos are available for each item. If you have any questions, ask. Any item sold for under $100 is sold completely AS-IS. Items over $100 will include a 3-day-post-delivery anti-DOA guarantee. Happy Buying!

  • DVDO VP30 Video Process w/ +ABT102 Daughter Card- Originally listed at $1995, the DVDO VP30 video processor is still highly acclaimed as one of the best all-around processors for standard-def video processing, and in particular with the addition of the ABT102 daughter-card becomes one of the most sought after processors for video gaming consoles as one of the few processors that handles 280p material properly (NES and others) as well as DVD film and NTSC video content. Scales, Deinterlaces, and switches multiple format inputs all to a single HDMI output at nearly ANY resolution up to 1080p60. Alternatively a set of analog outputs are also available with the same video output formats supported. Automatic, user-adjustable, priority input switching allows the device to automatically switch to the correct input at any given time. Has one flaky HDMI input. eBay asking price WITH abt102-- $350+s/h
  • Tivo Series2 (Single-Tuner), Product Lifetime Service (no monthly Tivo fees!), model TCD540, upgraded 500GB HDD (about 350-400 hours of best-quality SD programming, Analog/SD ONLY, Not an HD-model. eBay asking price-- $150+s/h
  • DVDO ABT102 daughter-card. Enables proper handling of most vintage gaming systems and laserdisc players when installed into a DVDO VP20 or VP30. eBay asking price-- $150+s/h
  • Marantz CC4001 CD changer. One step down from their flagship CC5001, the CC4001 is a very nice unit.. separate line and headphone level outputs, eBay asking price-- $100+s/h
  • Sony Clie PDA (yes, really).. model PEG-TJ25, runs PalmOS v5, includes 128MB and 1GB memory cards, driver CD, power charger, steel protective hard-case, and up-right PC docking station (the most valuable of the bunch, usually sells for $30 itself on eBay). eBay asking price-- $30+s/h
  • ShuttlePC, small form-factor PC; case, power supply, AMD Athlon 2400+, 2GB RAM included. No HDD, no FDD, no CD/DVD drive. eBay asking price-- $20+s/h
  • D-Link DIR-615 wireless N router. eBay asking price-- $20+s/h
  • Dell XPS gamers laptop; bad video card (repairable; video card separate from motherboard). eBay asking price-- $20+s/h
  • D-Link AirPremier AG wireless PCMCIA card (DWL-AG660). eBay asking price-- $10+s/h
  • Kenwood KT-6500 AM-FM Stereo Tuner, Great vintage analog tuner, good quality reception. eBay asking price--$10+s/h
  • Toshiba Satellite laptop; doesn't always power on. eBay asking price-- $1+s/h
  • Telex Cassette Copier (yes, really).. Completely untested. eBay asking price-- $1+s/h
  • Radeon 9800 Pro 128M video card, completely untested. eBay asking price-- $1+s/h
  • Denon DVD-2910, for parts, bad power supply board, bad HDMI output (analog outputs work fine). The Denon DVD-2910 is one of their flagship/premier DVD players from several years ago. Originally priced at $729, this DVD player's video processing is top-notch. I originally had two bad units (one bad PS, one bad HDMI output), and from them made one completely functional unit, and this is the leftover parts. HDMI output and power supply board are all that is wrong. eBay asking price-- $1+s/h

Pictures are available here


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