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Oh, no... words fail me.

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:15 pm
by Rath Darkblade
French farmer taken to court because his wealthy retiree neighbours complain that his rooster crows too loudly.

This story was also quoted by the Indpendent, the Grauniad, the NY Times, the Telegraph and the BBC - possibly because it's too ridiculous for words.

I'm no farmer, but ... seriously? If you don't want a rooster crowing at 7am - gee whiz - don't come to a rural area!

I hope this gets kicked out of court. Apparently someone sued a local council because the church bells toll too early, and someone else sued a local family who had to fill in a pond because the frogs croak too loudly. :roll:

I was going to ask, "Whadda you, stoopid?" but I think they answered that question themselves ... ;)

(P.S. From what I hear, the cockerel won. Hooray for common sense!) :)