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Heroine's Quest questions - spoilers welcome :)

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 5:08 am
by Rath Darkblade
Firstly, my questions are about obscure things in Heroine's Quest, so sorry - there will be lots of spoiler tags. :)

Now then...

1. I read that I can see Brauggi (from QfG1) in the game. If I approach Gastropnir, the villain's castle, during Chapter 3. But he never showed up. What am I doing wrong? Does this happen only if you are a specific class?

2. I also read that there is a bonus boss called Surtr (a fire musspell?) but I never found him. Where would he be? And, again, do I need to be a specific class? :)

3. Finally, I read of a character called Dolores in the game... but, alas, I never found her either. What's going on? Any ideas?

Spoilers welcome! :) Thank you...