New Sierra Installers/Patches

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New Sierra Installers/Patches

Post by Collector » Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:07 am

I have redone the SHP installers and patches. I first started using NSIS when I was looking for a means of deploying my DOSBox patches for the 2006 collections. My first attempts were rather crude. I have since learned a great deal more about using the NSIS scripting and am able to do most anything with it that that I need to for the SHP installers and patches.
Not only have I addressed issues that have arisen since they were first released and cleaned up the scripts, I have made them conform to some templates that I developed that will assure fewer mistakes and oversights. These templates will also make it easier and take less time to write installers for the games that I have not done.

  • XP/Vista/Windows 7 compatible
  • Automatic game/DOSBox configuration for optimal sound/graphics display and game play.
  • Full hard drive installation of CD games for CDless play.
  • All relevant patches, both official and fan made (NewRisingSun).
  • Automatic detection of DOSBox or ScummVM (whichever is appropriate for the given game). If either is not installed in the right location, the installer will offer to download and install it for you. This dialog is automatic and will not be seen or offered if the installer finds them installed in the right location. *
  • Each game comes with a small utility (also made with NSIS) or frontend to ease the setting of a few basic preferences for DOSBox or ScummVM.
  • When uninstalling you will be offered the opportunity to keep your save games. To reuse your save games all that is needed is to drop the saves into the newly reinstalled folder.
  • The individual games from the collections can be selectively installed and uninstalled.
  • High rez icons made from box scans. On Vista/Windows 7 these icons can be displayed at their full size of 256x256 pixels.
The LSL 2006 Desktop Launch
folder after SHP DOSBox Patch.
(Click to enlarge)
  • * I have opted to have DOSBox installed in a folder named just "DOSBox" (with no version number) and ScummVM installed in a folder named "ScummVM", both in the "Program Files" folder. This solution will not break the installer created shortcuts when the user upgrades either DOSBox or ScummVM, if the old versions are uninstalled or moved before installing the new versions in the same locations.
A possible future feature may be integration with the Windows Vista/7 Games Explorer, if I can figure out the registry entries. I have already worked out how to generate and compile the needed support files for this.

They have already been uploaded and I would appreciate if the SHP members would download and try out these installers for any games that you have and give some feedback. I am not asking for games to be played through in their entirety, but just to let me know if anyone has any issues with installing and or uninstalling them and general impressions and suggestions. Be assured, they make very few registry entries, mostly just enough for uninstallation purposes, and no files written to system folders except for the Start Menu. I will also consider requests, both in terms of features or new games.
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