My Wish List

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My Wish List

Post by JDHJANUS » Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:58 pm

Are you guys ready for this? It's somewhat extensive...

You can disregard this message, and I'm mainly using it just to copy some information. I love you!

Top 10 Most Wanted:

Slater & Charlie Go Camping
Spelling Blizzard
Advanced Spelling Tricks
Basic Spelling Tricks
The Sierra Network: Start-Up Kit
ImagiNation Network (INN)
Learning with Fuzzywomp
Stay Tooned!
Story Maker

High Priority

Alphabet Blocks (Talking Tutors)
Berlitz Live! Japanese
Dragon’s Keep
Gelfling Adventure
Homeword Filer
Hoyle Kids Games (2002 Version)
The Incredible Machine 2
King’s Quest V (Nintendo)
Mickey’s Space Adventure (flip-top)
Phantasm (Japanese release for the Sega CD)
The Playboy Electronic Datebook
ST OneWrite
Troll’s Tale
The Wizard of Id’s WizMath
The Wizard of Id’s WizType

Medium Priority

Adi’s 2nd and 3rd Grade English
Adi’s 2nd and 3rd Grade Mathematics
Adi’s 4th and 5th Grade English
Dr. Brain: Aktion Reaktion (or Enigme Mania)
Dr. Brain: Der Helle Wahnsinn (or L'Aventure Cérébrale)
Dr. Brain: Logique Mania
ANY other foreign edutainment software that was released by Sierra
A.J.’s World of Language, Ages 4-5
A.J.’s World of Language, Ages 6-7
A.J.’s World of Math, Ages 4-5
A.J.’s World of Math, Ages 6-7
Kid’s Kit 4-7 Years
Kid’s Kit 8-12 Years
Kid’s Pack (SierraOriginals Collection)
MacOneWrite: Accounts Receivable
MacOneWrite: Cash Disbursements
MacOneWrite: General Ledger
Playtoons 5: The Stone of Wakan
Playtoons Cartoon Creation Kit: Knights
Playtoons Cartoon Creation Kit: Monsters
Playtoons Cartoon Creation Kit: The Wild West
Print Artist Craft Factory
Print Artist Disney: Mickey and Friends
Print Artist Disney Print Creations
Print Artist Disney Print Creations featuring Winnie the Pooh
Print Artist Disney Print Creations: Movie Collection
Sierra’s School House English
Sierra’s School House Science

Low Priority

The Black Cauldron (flipcover) Keyboard Stickers
The Even More Incredible Machine Lab Manual
Kid’s Typing manual
Leisure Suit Larry 1 (AGI) Lefty’s napkin
Mixed-Up Fairy Tales Discovery box crayons
Ready, Set, Read with Bananas and Jack disk 3
Take-A-Break! Crosswords coaster

Sierra Hintbooks:

Adventures of Willy Beamish
Black Cauldron (red window book)
Conquests of the Longbow
EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus
The Even More Incredible Machine
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
Gobliins 2
Goblin’s Quest 3
Island of Dr. Brain
The Incredible Machine 2
The Incredible Toon Machine
Lost in Time
Lost Secret of the Rain Forest
Manhunter 1 (red window book)
Manhunter 2
Pepper’s Adventures in Time
The Prophecy

I think that about does it. One or two things, eh? ;)

Talk to you later!!


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