Welcome to The Trading Post

Coming soon to a board near you -- Fester Blatz Buy, Trade And Sell! That's right! Got a game you're looking for - or one to trade? This is the place to do it! However, please keep in mind that The Sierra Help Pages is NOT responsible for any sales or trades that take place! That's between you and whomever you're dealing with!
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Welcome to The Trading Post

Post by Collector » Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:53 pm

This is a forum for users to post what they have and/or what they want. All offers are encouraged, no matter the completeness or condition. Many of us end up with duplicates or have games we are no longer interested in. No matter what the reason, post what you are willing to part with, many of us just want a copy to play, even if it not in "collectable" condition.

Also, post what you've been looking for and what condition/completeness you are willing to accept.

If you are just posting what you have or what you want, please start a new thread. If you are posting in response to someone else's have or want, please reply in that thread.

Standard disclaimer: neither this site nor its staff are to held liable for any trades. We are only providing a space for traders to meet. All deals are the responsibility of the traders. So it is "Buyer Beware". - Oct. 08 2008
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