Phantasmagoria A puzzle of flesh, Voice Remove on Vidéo DUK

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Phantasmagoria A puzzle of flesh, Voice Remove on Vidéo DUK

Post by lucky78 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:20 am

Hello everyone, ;)

I would like to know if it really exists, the CD Audio of the game Phantasmagoria 2 A Puzzle of Flesh?

Because I'd like to have the full game B.O video

With the music play more of those scenes videos embedded in the cinematic videos.

For there are some in these videos that I love the assets without a vote.

I already tried with DUK files to convert, then erase the voice in the video with the music.
Because I just wanted to have this music (besides the introduction of the game before you start the game), I did it with Adobe Audition 3.0 to remove it from the voice, and gave nothing! I mean is, its deleted, but I'm reading, and I hear nothing! Apart from any development in low sound.

It was zero! :( :( :? :?

I tried with another video, its had the same thing ....

Can you help me, and how to erase the votes of videos where there music to it? Thank you very much for helping me!
(Help me it's important for me Unless these are music alone without doing that! If that does not exist yet, help me find a solution to remove the voices of videos where there for music above, thank you!) ;)

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Re: Phantasmagoria A puzzle of flesh, Voice Remove on Vidéo DUK

Post by HarroSIN » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:05 pm

Hello lucky78,

Most of the music in Phantasmagoria 2 are simple Microsoft .wav audio files. In return, most of the .DUK videos do not contain music (only voices), although a few do (the introduction, end of chapter movies, the mental boss-battle near the end of the game, and the ending credits).

You may extract the music from the game discs yourself by using the following application available here:

There are a few tracks, however, which cannot be separated from the video. In this case, you may download a few of them from the Gary Spinrad (the game's musical composer) website here:
Visit my website for the Phantasmagoria 2 XP Installer (Phan2XP):

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