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Post by Rakeesh » Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:07 pm

Must have been over 10 years since last time I played FP, and of course I see the world quite different now. When I was little I was interested mostly in riddles, their solutions and gags. However now I am also interested in the scenario and the 'richness' of a game. ;)

Recently I begun playing FP again, and I have to say that it is indeed one of the best-done games by Sierra. Whenever I enter a screen, I try to LOOK everything, TOUCH anything, and when get an object I try to USE it on all other object, and SHOW/GIVE it to every character I meet. A great way to waste your time :P The responses are mostly hilarious and yes! there is a unique response for each combination you may try, no matter how random or outrageous. In other words you almost never get a generic ('That doesn't seem work') response. The designers really DID expect you to try all kind of things. :lol:

Second, FP succeeds where Larry somehow failed: FP actually has a 'mythology' of sorts, with a rich cast of characters, each one with their own personality and sometimes their own backstory; even exploring and LOOKing around the town will give you an illusion of the past and of some kind of life beyond and before the time you begun playing. Larry never bothered to describe any 'mythology'; each game was shallow and stand-alone, while LSL characters had almost zero backstory. :?

Kudos to Al Lowe for showing that he can make a rich, deep, sophisticated game. Now resuming playing... :D

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Re: Replaying

Post by Collector » Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:38 pm

Don't forget to credit Josh Mandel, too. I think is hand shows through as much as Al's. I do agree with you about the "That doesn't seem to work" message. It does get tiring when too little is interactive. You do need some kind of generic message for missed items or combinations, but it should be rarely triggered.
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Re: Replaying

Post by AndreaDraco » Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:59 pm

Rakeesh wrote:
Recently I begun playing FP again, and I have to say that it is indeed one of the best-done games by Sierra.
I agree. The game is rich, detailed, hilarious in a bittersweet kind of way, full of little treasures to discover. A classic.
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