Lords of the Realm II DOSBox Installer

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Lords of the Realm II DOSBox Installer

Post by Collector » Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:06 pm

I have both, but I would need to take a look when I get more time to see what differences there are. You may be interested in the Good Old Games version of The Royal Collection for $5.99. It is already setup in DOSBox for modern Windows.

Edit: I have created a new DOSBox installer for Lords of the Realm II. Some have been having trouble with the StC Windows installer and jafa has not had the time to get back to his installers. The DOSBox installer has all of the same features that all of the SHP installers do. Advantages over the Windows installer include full HDD install for CD-less play, the ability to play the game in a window or full screen and the easy to use configuration utility.
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