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New HDD XP/Vista installer for Gabriel Knight 3

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:28 am
by Collector
I have just completed a new installer for Gabriel Knight 3 that will work on newer Windows. Recently I have noticed people on different forums having issues with the installer that shipped with the game. I have also been seeing various threads where people trying to get the game to run in wide screen are recommending a registry edit. This is something that should only be be done by people that know what they are doing. The default resolution for the game is 640x480, primitive by today's standard and will unnaturally stretch the screen sideways on wide screen monitors. several issues that many have had with the game on XP/Vista are fixed by copying all of the data files to the game's directory. Finally, the codec,, has been known to cause conflicts with GK3.

This new installer will copy all data files to the game's installed folder, using the "day123.brn" file from disc 2 (which seems to be corrupt on some copies of disc1) and will allow the game to be run completely from the hard drive with out need of the CDs after the game is installed. The installer will detect the resolution that is current being used and set that game to use that resolution if it is supported by the game. It includes a utility that will allow you to safely change the resolution without manually editing the registry. For those that encounter the conflict, I have also added a batch file that can be used to start the game with disabled and will re-enable it when the game is closed.
New HDD XP/Vista installer for Gabriel Knight 3