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New Installer for the 2006 VU KQ Collection

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:19 am
by Collector
New for the 2006 VU King's Quest Collection owners. I have made a new installer it that saves having to use the original flawed installer first and then having to apply the DOSBox patch. Now you can install the King's Quest games in one easy operation. Fixes all known issues with this release. Fully XP/Vista/Win7 32and 64-bit compatible. Restores missing files. Sets up the Windows version of KQ6 in ScummVM. Updates KQ7 to version 2.00b with DOS interpreter to allow the game to be played in DOSBox (addresses firecracker speed bug).

Just insert your King's Quest Collection CD and run the installer. As with the DOSBox patch, the new installer can add the AGI version of KQ1 to the collection if the game's files are in the same folder as the installer when you run it. If you have the Mask of Eternity CD, it can add it to the collection, too.

New Installer for the 3rd King's Quest Collection (2006 VU)