New Mask of Eternity installer for XP/Vista/Win7

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New Mask of Eternity installer for XP/Vista/Win7

Post by Collector » Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:14 pm

New King's Quest Mask of Eternity installer for XP/Vista/Win7

Updated:The Mask of Eternity has a number of issues on modern Windows. On Windows XP there are spots where the game will lock up after cut scenes. The game will not even start on Vista or Windows 7.

Aroenai has put a great deal of work into modifying and patching MoE. Among the various improvements:
  • Improved fixes for cutscene lockups.
  • Works with netbooks or PCs with no CD drives.
  • allowAltEnter enabled by default.
  • Always report enough free space for New Game
Best of all, the game no longer deletes/copies files when loading new levels. The installer also unpacks the levels for dramatically improved load times.
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