King's Quest by the Odd Gentlemen (Trailer inside!)

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Re: King's Quest by the Odd Gentlemen (Trailer inside!)

Post by Tawmis » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:35 pm

MusicallyInspired wrote: That's a poor criticism. Just because this game tells the story when he's an old man at near end of his days doesn't mean there weren't any other adventures he had that we still don't know about. He wasn't telling stories of his entire life in 5 chapters. They just happen to have been told from the perspective of his "final adventure." I mean, the whole premise of the game is that it's a collection of stories told in between eachother at different times. That proves there's more room for more stories. That doesn't "put an end to any further adventures of Graham."
Heh - and to be fair, he had a Heart Attack in King's Quest IV (and was shown lying on the bed, with grey hair, and old looking) - but then went on an adventure in King's Quest V (granted, after he ate the magical fruit from KQIV), but he was still an old man with grey hair in KQV. :lol:

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