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KQ Collector's Edition DOSBox installer for XP/Vista

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 3:43 am
by Collector
Kings Quest Collector's Edition' - 15th anniversary (1994) DOSBox installer for XP/Vista

I have made a new installer for the 1994 King's Quest Collector's Edition - 15th anniversary. This is XP/Vista compatible. It can also download and install DOSBox.

The installer will install King's Quest, King's Quest I SCI, King's Quest II, King's Quest III, King's Quest IV, King's Quest V and the Demo of King's Quest VII. Also can install the extras included on disc 1. If installing the Windows version of King's Quest VI on Windows XP, it will allow you to download and install VDMSound for the Windows version in XP. Note that it will not install the Windows version of King's Quest VI on 64-bit Windows.
King's Quest Collector's Edition DOSBox installer