Aces Collection series 64 bit compatablity

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Aces Collection series 64 bit compatablity

Post by looseheadsurfer » Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:21 am

I have dug out the old Aces Collection series ( Aces of the Deep, Red Baron Aces over Europe/Pacific and A-10) for my son to play. But I can not run on my windows 7, an error message says need 64 bit compatible version. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?


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Re: Aces Collection series 64 bit compatablity

Post by Collector » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:18 pm

Some, but not most 16-bit installers can be made to run on 64-bit Windows by setting the installer to run in compatibility mode. Otherwise, the best way is to use each individual game's installer, usually INST.EXE, in DOSBox to install each game. However, you are SOL with Command Aces of the Deep, which is a Windows only game and refuses to run on most modern systems, 32 or 64-bit. I haven't tried it, but you might try a virtual machine for that one. The regular Aces of the Deep will run in DOSBox.
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Re: Aces Collection series 64 bit compatablity

Post by gumby » Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:19 pm

Here's a long-shot, but could you run Windows 7 in XP Mode? This requires Professional or Ultimate edition - and it is a virtualized environment, but hey could work.

Like Collector said, if you don't have either of those editions, you could certainly download & install VMWare Player or VirtualBox (both free) and then create your own XP VM environment (if you've got an old XP install disk).

Actually, now that I think about it I have no idea how these games would run on a virtual pc (could be pretty choppy). However, if the graphics requirements are modest you might be in luck.

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