The Even More Incredible Machine Installer

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The Even More Incredible Machine Installer

Post by Collector » Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:39 pm

I have made an installer for The Even More Incredible Machine. Again, I have made floppy support by extrapolating the file layout of the install files. If installing the CD version, it will rip and mount the Redbook audio tracks in DOSBox for CD-less digital music during game play. ... html#TemIM

For the time being, I am not listing this one on the new installer page because of a couple of issues. Besides the floppy support being a "guestimation", the ripping by cdda2wav may not automatically close upon completion of each rip on some machines. If this happens, manually closing the command window will allow the installer to continue. This get a little irritating with 20 tracks. The other issue with the CD version is that if SoundBlaster or AdLib is selected for the music hardware, the speech eventually "gets stuck", like a broken record. If GM or some other music is chosen, you don't hear the walking fur ball in the intro, but the speech works right. This is odd because these are MIDI drivers, not digital audio drivers. Additionally, with the ripped audio tracks, MIDI is not used.
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