New Installer for the 2006 VU LSL Collection

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New Installer for the 2006 VU LSL Collection

Postby Collector » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:40 pm

To simplify things for the 2006 VU Space Quest Collection owners, I have made a new installer it. This saves having to use the original flawed installer first and then having to apply the DOSBox patch. Now you can install the Space Quest games in one easy operation. Just insert your Space Quest Collection CD and run the installer. As with the DOSBox patch, the new installer can add the AGI version of LSL1 to the collection if the game's files are in the same folder as the installer when you run it. It can also add the CD (talkie) version of LSL6 and LSL7 if you have the CDs on hand when you install it.

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