Why Am I a Sucker for Dewmi More?

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Why Am I a Sucker for Dewmi More?

Post by Lounge Lizard » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:20 pm

I have to admit, Dewmi More is the most seductive babe of LSL7. She's so hard to get, so manipulative, and you never really get to see her naked... Larry does see her bare groin I guess, but the player is only left to imagine what she looks like naked, and she is determined to not allow herself to be cornered by any of her prey. If only Larry found a way to switch glasses with Dewmi after she administered the orgazmic powder. Could it be that she is the most seductive from my view because of how difficult the strip liars dice game can be sometimes, because that one game was the single part of LSL7 which was featured in the demo, and because we never see her naked? She tops even Fawn and Annette Boning when it comes to ruthlessness.

I'm surprised that no Larry fan has done any salacious fan art on Dewmi. I was even more surprised that no concept art of Dewmi was left for Al to show on the concept art part of his page. Tell me, is it rather Larry-esque of me to be drawn to women who are as ruthless and as seductive as Dewmi?

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Re: Why Am I a Sucker for Dewmi More?

Post by nickherc » Wed Oct 01, 2014 10:53 am

Haha, I like all the chicks in all Larry games, even the prostitutes :D. Joking ;). My favourite is Shamara, damn she's hot. I'm a sucker for brunets.

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