can't seem to make a traffic stop in PQ1 VGA

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can't seem to make a traffic stop in PQ1 VGA

Post by Cras » Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:52 am

After having such great success with the patches here for the Space Quest Collection, I got my hands on the Police Quest Collection (I-VGA through IV), that I got excited to again return to the day when games were more than just shooting people over XBOX live.

I played these games a lot as a youngster, and I was surprised how much I remember. One thing I rember is the crazy lady speeder in the red car. After I get past the break at Carol's diner, I got back on patrol, and there she is, crazy speeder in the red car, so I turn to follow her, turn on the siren and punch it to chase her down, yet I never do. I just drive down the road until it ends, I pick a direction to turn, turn again to go back the other direction, and fly down the road, and I never catch up to the speeder. Eventually after running around town with my siren on, I get a call to go to Carol's to deal with the bikes parked infront of her place.

I deal with that, and then the DUI car shows up. I remember this guy as well, having to haul him to jail. But same deal. I turn on the sirens, chase after him, but reach the end of the road and alas, never seem to catch the guy. I run around town until I get a call from dispatch that I am on break (or at least I assume that is what it mean, it was more police code).

I am running it on the newest version of DOSBox in Windows 7 x64, using the package I downloaded from this great website. Is this a known issue? Another one of those dreaded timer bugs that always plague me trying to replay my old Sierra games before DOSBox that somehow has still survived?

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Re: can't seem to make a traffic stop in PQ1 VGA

Post by Collector » Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:37 pm

There may be something that you have not done, yet. If someone who remembers the game more than I sees this, they might have am idea what you might have missed. If it is a bug, try lowering your cycles down to about 7000 - 8000.
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