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New PQ: SWAT DOSBox installer for XP/Vista

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 1:21 am
by Collector
I have just finished a new installer for Police Quest: SWAT. Another multi disc installer that will install your game completely to your hard drive and set it up to run automatically in DOSBox from Windows shortcut, just like any Windows game or program. Most of my efforts have been on the adventure games, but this one is by request and completes all of the AGI/SCI PQ games (I will not be doing the non-SCI SWATs). Combined with the PQ: 4 Most Wanted installer the Police Quest Collection Series can now easily be installed.

As with the other installers, insert your original PQ SWAT disc 1 into your CD-ROM drive, start the installer and change discs when prompted.

  • Installs and concatenates all game resources to hard drive for CD-less play.
  • Automatically configures and sets up the game to run in DOSBox.
  • Can download and install the latest version of DOSBox for you.
  • DVD Prep Wizard will convert the installed folder so that the contents can be burned to DVD. The resulting DVD will be complete with a new SWAT AutoRun and Setup. The game can then be installed from the DVD with the option for full hard drive install or minimal install (DVD required to play, but no disc swapping).
  • Includes a small DOSBox Configuration Wizard to easily change a few basic DOSBox settings.
PQ SWAT DOSBox DOSBox Installer
  • IMPORTANT: DOSBox is required to play PQ SWAT This installer will automatically setup the game to run in DOSBox, but you must have DOSBox installed in a folder named "DOSBox" in your "Program Files"* folder.

    * NOTE: Most users' %ProgramFiles% is "C:\Program Files" for 32 bit Windows or "C:\Program Files (x86)" for 64 bit.

    If DOSBox is not installed in %ProgramFiles%\DOSBox, allow this installer to download and install it for you.

It comes with two wizards, one to ease a couple of DOSBox preferences and another that will convert the installed folder into a package ready to burn to DVD. The end result has a custom autoplay. It detects if the game has already been installed. If it finds that it is not, it gives the option to install. If the game has already been installed you can start it from the autoplay dialog. When installing, you can choose between full harddrive install (no disc required for play) or minimal install (DVD needed for play, but with no disc swapping).