Exploring Sierra's Game Resources

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Exploring Sierra's Game Resources

Post by Collector » Fri Apr 03, 2015 3:11 pm

AGI and SCI Games

Many Sierra fans are familiar with the Sierra Resource Viewer for browsing and extracting game resources in the SCI and AGI games. This is not the only tool for exploring Sierra resources. There is Brian Provinciano's old SCI Graphic Studio for accessing SCI graphic resources. More specialized viewers like VAG's VMD Player allow for viewing VMD video resources (GK2) outside of the games. Phantasmagoria 2's DUK video resources can be played in VideoLAN's VLC media player.

Additional AGI and SCI Resource tools can be found on the Wikis.

For LSCI (TSN/INN variant of SCI) resources there is the LSCI Toolkit. Attached is a version where the source has been converted to Visual Studio.
Some utilities can even let you edit the resources. Enrico Rolfi's TraduSCI is designed to translate SCI resources to translate official games to other languages that had no official localization release.

Integrated Development Environments (IDE):
While not their intent you can also use the fan made AGI and SCI game development systems, such as AGI Studio and SCI Companion or SCI Studio.

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of The Sacred, Blood of The Damned:
The GK3 Barn Browser is a tool that will allow you to view the resources embedded in the GK3 BRN files.
Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire:
For GfG5 you can use the Game Extractor with the SPK plugin. For the GfG5 backgrounds you can use Qfg5pano. For more information on the QfG5 resources see the QfG Mods Wiki.

Coktel Visions:
The resources in Coktel Visions' ITK-STK can be extracted using the Coktel Vision ITK-STK file extractor.

Sierra Resource Web Sites

Some have explored the resources and have made their efforts available online.
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