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Re: Best Sierra Puzzles Tournament: Round 1

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:36 am
by Datadog
Whoo! New voters! Glad to see you all, and welcome!

And yes, Lamb - while we chose the nominations, the match-ups were randomly generated using this website so there's a lot of one-sided battles. It's a coincidence that similar puzzles (i.e. Avoozl Rituals vs. Schattenjager Rituals, or the SQ2 puzzles) wound up in the same brackets. As per tradition, Round 2 will start shortly now that we're getting more votes in.

Re: Best Sierra Puzzles Tournament: Round 1

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:14 pm
by stuntology
Well! I'd forgotten about this, but now I'm back! I have to apologize in advance for not voting on so many entries, simply because I haven't played the games (I have just recently started Gabriel Knight, though!).

5. "LSL7: Vicky Gone Wild" vs. "KQ6: The Cliffs of Logic"

I have to pick LSL7. The cliffs of logic were good for copy protection, but still seemed really tedious to me. Converting Vicky, on the other hand, was pretty entertaining.

8. "PQ2: The Time Bomb" vs. "PQ1: Arresting Hoffman"

Even though I suggested the bomb, I'll vote the Hoffman arrest. That puzzle was so much more intricate and involved, and fit very well within the story of the game.

13. "LSL3: Undressing Patti" vs. "KQ3: Defeating Manannan"

Tough choice. I'll go with Manannan, because of the awesome satisfaction that came with his defeat.


"Hold breath" just seemed like a cheap puzzle to me (If I recall correctly, there was a similar one in LSL2 as well). I choose the gem in the mouth, because that required more logical thinking than parser battling.

15. "SQ3: Roger vs. Arnoid" vs. "QFG2: The Trial by Fire"

A close one. The arnoid battle is a bit better mechanically, but I'm voting for the Trial by Fire. That sequence of the game has great atmosphere, and I love how the puzzles tie into the elemental theme established throughout the game.

Re: Best Sierra Puzzles Tournament: Round 1

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:18 am
by Datadog
Welcome back, Stunts! I take your votes as a cue to wrap up this round so we can move on.

The winners for this round are:

1. Quest for Glory 2: The WIT Trials
2. Gabriel Knight 3: Le Serpente Rouge
3. Gabriel Knight 2: Wagner's Lost Opera
4. Shivers: The Pinball Puzzle
5. King's Quest 6: The Cliffs of Logic
6. King's Quest 6: The Five Gnomes
7. Gabriel Knight: 12 and 3 and Turn the Key
8. Police Quest 2: The Time Bomb
9. Quest for Glory 2: Julanar
10. King's Quest 6: The Catacombs
11. King's Quest 6. Death's Challenge
12. Space Quest 5: Roger vs. WD-40
13. King's Quest 3: Defeating Manannan
14. Space Quest 2: HOLD BREATH
15. Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire
16. Gabriel Knight: The Schattenjager Rituals

These ones will be competing in the next round, so stay tuned!