QFG3 Paladin -- stuck

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Re: QFG3 Paladin -- stuck

Post by jujigatame » Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:45 pm

I did eventually get past it myself, in a fresh playthrough with all patches pre-applied. It wasn't easy, though. The laibon hut just seems to be very, very buggy in general. On the 2nd playthrough, I encountered additional problems where even though the prisoner had been dispelled and I had been told about the initiation, I couldn't give the dinosaur horn to the laibon. When I'd try it would say "you should hold onto that" or some such message.

My suggestion is to save often and try things in different sequences at different times. I think I eventually had success giving the laibon the bride price IMMEDIATELY after the initiation, right after asking him for the magic drum.

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Re: QFG3 Paladin -- stuck

Post by wilco64256 » Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:44 pm

For some reason the Paladin path seems to be far more buggy than the others in QFG3. Which is unfortunate, because the concept of getting that special class only by progressing through the games in a particular way is great. It'd be my favorite if it weren't so glitchy.
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Re: QFG3 Paladin -- stuck

Post by Tinuviel » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:43 am

For those who ever run into this problem, I did manage to get around it (it took a bit of trial and error, though).

A couple of specific things to remember:

* Don't ever ask the laibon about the bride price or the drum more than once.
* Get yourself two dino horns and put one in the chest in the village.
* If you buy all the stuff for the bride price, even if you have the dino horn in your inventory, you won't get the option to tell the laibon about the horn. So put the zebra skins in the chest in the village as well, then go to the laibon and tell him about the horn. This will start the initiation. Finish the initiation, ask for the drum.
* After the initiation, get the zebra skins out of the chest and go into his hut. THEN you can give them to him and you should be good. I did not test if you needed the second horn or not; I think I tried it without it in my inventory but I did have it in the chest just in case.

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