Expanding the Thief's Abilities in Hypothetical QFG Remakes

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Expanding the Thief's Abilities in Hypothetical QFG Remakes

Post by Expack3 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:16 pm

After reading through the Remakes: How would you rather see them? thread, I began to wonder how one might expand upon the abilities of the three Quest for Glory classes. Immediately, I thought of some daydreams I had of what Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness might look in 3D on CryEngine 2, the engine which powers Crysis, and gravitated towards the Thief. In my daydreams, the Thief was an extremely nimble character, jumping off of gravestones, trees, pillars, etc. as he skillfully evaded his opponent's attacks, spamming knives as though he were a ninja out of a Japanese anime (the Japanese version of animated TV shows for those not in the know). In order to make things plausible, I dumped the knife-spamming and made it more useful to simply throw and use them in tactical ways. Of course, as a highly-agile hero, he would be able to use the environments he fought in and explored to his advantage, forcing monsters to ram into pillars, attacking them from a spot just out of their reach, and using minimum force to create cunning, spur-of-the-moment traps. But one key question remained: How would the thief get to this point from the first Quest for Glory game? Here's how I decided to envision it:

Here, the thief is a new hero, so he isn't all that agile to begin with. Also, there really isn't much in the way of agility-related stuff in Spielberg other than what was seen in the original.

In the vast desert city the thief finds himself in, there are plenty of rooftops to run on and jump from. Learning to traverse the rooftops on foot allows the thief to quickly access various parts of the city faster than the other classes - after all, even with the map, they still have to navigate the busy streets - and builds up both his endurance and his agility points. This gives him an edge in combat as well since he can perform wall flip-kicks and jump off of the occasional wall or solid object - but he can't do it too much at this point as he isn't agile enough.

In the large Savannah city the thief now finds himself in, there are plenty of rooftops to climb and jump from, just as in QFG2 - except they are so high that climbing isn't the quickest option. Therefore, the thief must combine what he learned from his roof-traversing and heroic acts in QFG2 to swing from the many ropes connected between the buildings in addition to climbing and jumping from and off of the walls in order to quickly traverse the city vertically. Besides helping him train for the tribal rituals later in the game, it will help him in combat as the thief will be able to nimbly jump over many monsters and foes, depending on their height and what objects surround the hero when he fights.

This is where it gets interesting. In spite of the lack of vertical space like there was in QFG3 and the almost complete lack of buildings to climb and jump across, the hero will still be surrounded by plenty of objects on which to jump off of and otherwise perform all the awesome tricks I described in the beginning of my post.

I never really thought this far, but based on how I heard that thieving in QFG5 is a bit more involved than in the rest of the series, I imagine the thief would end up being like Ezio Auditore di Firenze! ;) (If I'm wrong about the difference in how thieving works on QFG5 compared to the rest of the series, I apologize if what I said sounds like trolling; it was not my intention at all!)

So there are my thoughts on how the thief's abilities could be fleshed out more in a complete 3D remake of the Quest for Glory series. If anyone has any suggestions, comments, feedback, or criticism, please feel free to reply to this post!

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Re: Expanding the Thief's Abilities in Hypothetical QFG Rema

Post by Maxor127 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:21 am

If they remake QFG, I hope it's not in a 3D world. I want it to be true to the original, but with updated graphics. Those graphics could be rendered in 3D, but still maintain the look and feel of the original. The Monkey Island Special Editions are a good example of what I'd like to see. And there's some fan art I saw that was inspiring. The only significant change I might support would be if they changed up combat. I think QFG1-3 had the best combat systems. I don't want QFG to turn into an FPS or Dragon Age 2.

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