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Quest for Glory Anthology DOSBox Installer

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 5:29 pm
by Collector
To compliment the Quest for Glory Collection Series DOSBox Installer I released earlier, I have now written a DOSBox Installer for the Quest for Glory Anthology. Thanks to Almirena, I was able to determine that the layout of the Anthology's CD is nearly identical to the Collection Series. I was able to make the required changes to adapt the existing Collection Series installer to work for the Anthology.

As with the Collection Series Installer, it is XP/Vista 32/Vista 64 compatible. It has large icons for use in Vista and, of course, includes all patches, including the NewRisingSun patches. It can selectively install any or all of the games. As with the other new installers, it will automatically set up and configure the games to run in DOSBox from a Windows shortcut with CD-less game play. The CD is only needed during the installation. If you do not have DOSBox installed, it can download and install it for you.
New Quest for Glory Anthology DOSBox Installer
The standard Vista warning for old games should be observed -- because of its limited write access, avoid installing in the %ProgramFiles% folder ("C:\Program Files" on most English systems) or you may have problems with not being able to save configuration changes or saving games.