QfG3 character import from QfG2VGA

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QfG3 character import from QfG2VGA

Post by HunterZ » Tue May 30, 2017 1:23 am

So I just ran a fighter w/magic character through QfG1VGA and then imported it into AGD's QfG2VGA. I then completed that game, becoming a Paladin in the process.

When importing into QfG3, it asked me if I was a Paladin or a Wizard. I chose Paladin. It then asked me if I wanted to change to any of Fighter, Wizard, Thief, or Paladin, and I again chose Paladin.

I then noticed that during the prologue, it depicted the Wizard-style battle with Ad Avis.

Is this normal behavior for QfG3? My guess is that the game assumed I was playing as a Wizard who became a Paladin, rather than a Fighter with magic abilities that became a Paladin. I'm also assuming that this is harmless other than the prologue gaffe.

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Re: QfG3 character import from QfG2VGA

Post by adeyke » Tue May 30, 2017 5:49 am

That's normal for QfG3. Which is to say, it happened even when importing from the regular QfG2. It should only affect the prologue, which really has all sorts of other issues as well.

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