"Another Hero-U Song"

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"Another Hero-U Song"

Post by Rath Darkblade » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:04 am

Here's another Hero-U song. ;) Unlike the earlier one, there are no spoilers at all here - it just describes what happens if Shawn doesn't go to Hero-U... oh boy. Instant trouble, here we come! :twisted:

"Another Hero-U Song"
(to the tune of the "Flintstones Theme Song")

(quick intro music. It's the start of the game; Shawn climbs up the wall and opens window to get in...)

Shawn: Yabba Dabba--

(he falls flat on his face.)

Shawn: --Ugh!

(the cat comes over to investigate. Shawn gets up and moves away...)

Connor, Shawn O'Connor,
He's a stealthy an' a mighty rogue!
Sneakin' 'round the houses,
And he's speakin' with an Eirish brogue!

(Shawn finds what he needs and climbs out the window, but... uh-oh...)

Next time, maybe he will take a chance -
Go to castle, maybe he will dance?
But the guards have got him,
So to jail with Shawn O'Conner -
(he's no brain donor) -
And so a fond farewell!

(quick chase scene. Shawn is captured by the guards and hauled off to jail)

He won't do very well!

(Shawn bangs on the jail door and shouts "Help me!!!") :shock: :twisted:

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