[Masquerade Locked] Masquerade Post Who Is Behind The Mask?

"MASQ Of Eternity" is our traditional Halloween event. It's essentially a "Virtual Masquerade." Please see the FAQ in the forum.
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Re: Masquerade Post - Who Is Behind The Mask?

Post by Jules » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:50 pm

Datadog wrote:My pick to be Ron Weasley was little rushed. I wanted to try being a fictional character who discovers his own future through Wikipedia and goes insane, but I started too late in the month and didn't get my story arc in the way I wanted it. Just way too busy to keep checking in!

As far as my clues go, I dropped karaoke as a clue (I'm a regular, but it isn't known on this forum), but I tried to make it easier by mentioning "West Coast" and "Burnaby" for anyone who knows I live in Vancouver.

I figured out BBP because Calcifer was the only costume she didn't try to guess. :lol:
You were Ron!! :lol: Very clever and well played out! ^_^

For the letter Y, I was thinking about using "y'all" but it would've been a dead giveaway. Instead I used Yuengling, the brewing company well known in Pennsylvania. AND funnily enough, DPX posted that bottle opener pic for Tawm and the beer bottle was a Yuengling! I was going to point it out but didn't want to bust my cover! Not that I was hard to guess anyways. :P