SierraHelp Masquerade Ball (FAQ)

"MASQ Of Eternity" is our traditional Halloween event. It's essentially a "Virtual Masquerade." Please see the FAQ in the forum.
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SierraHelp Masquerade Ball (FAQ)

Post by Tawmis » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:09 pm

Q. What is this 'MASQ of Eternity' thing?
A. It's a reference to the Sierra game "Mask of Eternity." It's short for Masquerade (but with MASQ being pronounced "Mask"). It's a clever name, you see.

Q. What Is The Sierrahelp Masquerade Ball?
A. During Halloween, we adopt a new "identity" (registering as a new User ID) and disguise ourselves. It's called a MASQ Account.

Q. How does it work?
A. You log in with this new "identity" and "assume" that personality. It can be a person, fictional character, or even something you made up!

Q. What's the point?
A. You mean, besides fun? The point is, "Character Threads" are made, where you post clues about who you _really_ are. So for example, if there is a thread about music, I might post "Heavy Metal" (or Heavy Metal bands), because that's my (as in, the real me) interest when it comes to music.

Q. How can you tell which is a "costume/MASQ" account?
A. All costumed accounts begin their User ID with a "*" - so for example, *HeMan would be a costume/MASQ account, where as HeMan, would not.

Q. Can we post elsewhere in these "costume/MASQ identities"?
A. No. The costume/MASQ identities for the Masquerade are specifically for the MASQ Of Eternity section of the forum.

Q. How do I request a "Costume/MASQ Account"?
A. PM Tawmis your desired MASQ Account name. (We reserve the right not to create it, naturally, if it's offensive or anything like that! Keep it clean, folks!)

Q. I see character threads already started - can I start my own character thread/game too?
A. Yes, but only in the MASQ of Eternity forum, and only as your character. If you don't want to start the thread as your MASQ, because you're worried it might give away who you are - PM/DM me (Tawmis) and I will start it "*The Butler."

Q. I think I figured out who someone is! When can I start guessing?
A. When Halloween is over, a "Guess Who is Behind The MASQ" thread will be started. No guessing until that thread is created. Then use the spoiler tags.

Q. What happens to the account when Halloween is over?
A. We disable the accounts (but do not delete them). This way the historical posting remains.

Below are just some of the examples:

Setting up:
The Official Second Annual Guess Who Masquerade Ball Thread!
The 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball on SHP.
3rd Annual Masquerade Ball.
4th Annual Masquerade Ball on SHP

Character Posting:
Which? A new game that I created of which you will play.
The Halloween Masquerade Ball Poetry Corner
Official 4th Annual Masquerade Ball - Character Postings.
4th Annual Masquerade Ball - "A to Z"

The Masquerade Cast!
Masquerade Post - Who Is Behind The Mask?

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