[Masquerade Locked] Two Lies, One Truth.

"MASQ Of Eternity" is our traditional Halloween event. It's essentially a "Virtual Masquerade." Please see the FAQ in the forum.

Re: Beneath the MASQ - Two Lies, One Truth.

Postby *Squirrel of Midgard » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:41 pm

*GLaDOS wrote:
*Squirrel of Midgard wrote:I'd guess that you were a member of student government in high school?

Incorrect. I don't like coffee.

I'm not clear on the rules. I though we offer more lies/truths after we make a guess.

I think so too - and that's what I did... sorry if you were confused. :oops:
"Ha haa! I have found you, human! Know that your doomy doom of dooms is at hand!"
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