SCI Programmers' Wiki & SCI Studio Help File

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SCI Programmers' Wiki & SCI Studio Help File

Post by Collector » Thu May 12, 2011 1:12 am

This may not be of much interest to most here, but SHP has been hosting a Wiki for the SCI Programming Community. It is an attempt to gather all of the information and tools needed for creating new games using Sierra's SCI engine. It has the Free SCI group's SCI specifications, tutorials, tools, code examples and "How To"s. Also, the SCI Studio Help File is available online.
A problem with a Wikimedia extension to automatically add syntax highlighting to code was throwing php errors and the text of the code was being rendered too small to read. Gumby helped to spot what was causing the PHP errors with the syntax highlighting. It was in the custom sci.php file that I had made for SCI syntax highlighting, even though it kept fingering the geshi.php file as the problem. Additionally, I added a CSS for the syntax highlighting plugin to address the small text problem. Both issues should now be fixed.

Someone had created an account on the Wiki and changed some links for the SCI Viewer to a rapid share account. These have been restored, but I have disabled anonymous account registration. Anyone that wants an account to contribute to the Wiki can contact me here or on the SCI Programming Community forums to request an account for the Wiki.
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Re: SCI Programmers' Wiki & SCI Studio Help File

Post by gumby » Thu May 12, 2011 8:05 am

I don't think it's linked to anywhere, here it is:

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