Gabriel Knight One Review and rant

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Gabriel Knight One Review and rant

Post by beepscale » Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:09 am

I just finished Gabriel Knight 1. The hardest part for me was the ridiculus part of the game. The part where you have to write "dj bring sekey madole " I replayed the entire game because I did get stuck snake scale in the ash tray, not really a puzzle. I realized it was there after I just looked at the screen and paid a little attention :oops:

So, I didn't think this game was incredibly hard, but never the less challeneging. There are a couple parts I had to replay through a few times The mummy sequence where they come to life and you have to avoid them...

The ending of the game, some bits of the final COUNTDOWN, showdown with the vooodine at the ritual

But, again I didn't think it was a very difficult game. I think the hard part about Sierra games is when they ask you to type something out that you likely don't know to type...and need a hint book or buddy to help you out. King's Quest rumplestillskin spelt backwards, another gem of a puzzle....

Maybe, I could have figured out what to do there. But, I honestly see it taking me longer than 2-3 days to beat the game if I did. Maybe years , or weeks, or a month. I wouldn't have thought you could abbrehivate his name for starters.

AI wasn't very good back in the day, so these spell it out puzzles had to be EXACT or in 1 or 2 possibly 3 different acceptable spellings....

A game that feels more difficult at this time, that remind me of this game, that do come to mind , Still Life. I think I'll go back and play Stll Life. And then buy the sequel. First I want to get through the GK series. I was expecting more of a challenge. Having given up on King's Quest, which I might return to some day. But it turned out to be a faily average adventure game from it's time period.I never played through a Sierra game before that I can remember. And I played Still Life a few years back. I'd like to go back to it and see how well I pass through it. I have been playing video games, my whole life. For the past 10 years though I have to admit to a rapid decline in interest . Too much action genre, and too little use of the brain. Games are mediocre now. We've seen many genres dead and buried and then risen as the undead. Simon 4 is some sort of walking undead franchise now. I admit to enjoying the 4th game, but it's clear evidence that respected titles rarely get the treatment they deserve . Doom 3 wasn't anything like Do....well, nevermind that. TOMI Tales Of Monkey Island was a good game. If they made another GK I think I'd play it. It's my first time through the series and I have the second game to complete, and then the third to start.

I'm not loaded with cash, I think I need to publish a book for some revenue...I'd like to buy some modern titles. Any ideas?

Graymatter? Any good?

Now, let me be honest I played the game ALOT , and used the better half of my week end to beat the game.

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