3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers Cheats

To use these cheat codes, type them in during a race (except the "MONEY" code, which must be typed while in the Upgrade menu). If you pause the game by hitting "P", you can type in the cheats while the game is paused. Typing "SLIPPERY", of course, will unpause and then pause the game again, so try to type it fast. Another good time to enter a code is after the loading screen, just before the track announcer shouts, "Go!"

Code Result
money  $200 - See instructions below
bouncy  Extra springy vehicles and track boundaries
sticky  Increased traction for all cars
slippery  Loss of traction, like driving on ice
turbo  Double your normal car speed
war  Unlimited Bottle Rockets for everyone
ghost  All "ghosted" vehicles (no collisions)
hitme  Aggressive computer drivers
moon  Reduced gravity
heavy  Increased gravity

Money Cheat Instructions:
Unlike the other cheat codes,  your name must be  "I cheat" and "MONEY" must be entered while you are in the Upgrade menu.



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