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  • DOSBox - Completely emulates an older x86 PC with DOS. A good solution for running older DOS games that will not run right on today's fast computers that have no real DOS. Also works for other platforms, such as Linux and Mac. Free.
  • DOSBox Sourceforge Page - The project page for DOSBox on SourceForge.
  • DOSBoxWiki - The official DOSBox Wiki. A good resource for help with DOSBox.
  • DOSBox Forums - Official forums for DOSBox.
  • DOSBox Guides - Guides for the DOSBox newbie.
  • DOSBox CVS Builds (also see the official DOSBox CVS builds thread on VOGONS):
    • AEP DOSBox CVS Builds - Clean DOSBox CVS Builds.
    • Ykhwong's builds - Windows build incorporates vasyl's experimental emulation of various SVGA chipsets, OpenGL-HQ, Direct3D, Glide emulation, Munt (MT-32 emulation), Improved IPX support, Virtual Printer support, PhysFS support (to mount .zip files) and the Overscan Border patch
    • rcblanke's (Windows and Ubuntu Linux builds available) - The author of the DBGL has Win32 and Ubuntu builds of DOSBox based on a recent copy from the DOSBox CVS.
    • Gulikoza's builds - gulikoza's (Windows) build includes CoreSwitch, Direct3D, Munt, OpenGLHQ, AdLib optimization, VGAParts
    • h-a-l-9000 - Different builds with various patches included.
    • Moe's Bar - Linux builds that include addkey, AdLib optimize, Innovation SSI-2001, Self-Modifying-Code optimizations, SVGA chipsets, CD-Image cycling, Glide emulation and Printer emulation
  • DOSBox Frontends (a GUI for DOSBox):
    • DBGL - DOSBox Game Launcher, an open-source, multi-platform frontend for DOSBox. by Ronald Blankendaal (rcblanke on VOGONS).
    • D.O.G. - Frontend for Windows by ErikGG. Along with DBGL one of the two most developed frontends.
    • D-Fend - The former champ of DOSBox frontends for Windows by Mabus Raeen. No longer in active development.
    • DBoxFE - Frontend for Linux/Windows.
    • Dosboxfront - Frontend for OS/2.
    • DOSShell - Frontend for Windows by Loonies Software Group.
    • DOSBOXer - Win,Linux,Mac OS X frontend by Jaeger Technologies.
    • Boxer Frontend - Frontend for Windows.
    • Petit dosbox - Frontend for Mac OS X by Guillermo Enrich.
    • RobyDOSBox - Frontend for Windows.
    • Radnor - Frontend for Mac OS X.
    • DOSBoxGui - Frontend written in Tcl/Tk.
    • DBFrontend - Frontend for Windows by Peter Klauer.
Audio Emulators
  • VDMSound:
    • VDMSound 2.1.0 PUBLIC BETA - WARNING: Do not install on a Windows NT 4 system. A free soundcard emulator for DOS based programs or games on a NT based Operating system (2000, XP) by Vlad Romascanu. Released under the the GNU General Public License. This version has a unified installer (also installs VDMS LaunchPad) of the next version of VDMS.
    • Win9x + VDMSound ALPHA - A very early development of a version of VDMS for Windows 95, 98 and ME. Has no GUI. Use only if you are comfortable with writing batch files. NOTE: Most Windows 9x users will be better off installing DOS drivers for their sound cards.
    • Beginner's guide to VDMSound v2.10 - A guide for those that need help using VDMS.
    • VDMSound Forums - Forums for VDMSound.
  • Roland MT-32:
    • MT-32 Emulator Project - Software emulator of the Roland MT-32 Sound Module, what much of the early Sierra game music was designed to be played on. This project has been merged with MUNT.
    • MUNT - A multi-platform software synthesizer emulating pre-GM MIDI devices such as the MT-32.
    • MT-32 Emulator Project Forums - Official forums for the MT-32 Emulator Project.
Other Emulators & Virtualizers:
  • Flopper - A bootable-disk emulator -- it reads a diskette image file and boots it. (Remember that DOSBox can boot from images, too.
  • Qemu - An emulator for various CPUs. It works on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Windows version is in an alpha stage.
    • Qemu Manager - provides quick control of the QEMU Emulator for win32.
  • Virtual PC - The x86 emulator originally developed by Connectix and since bought out by Microsoft. MS now offers it for free download.
  • Bochs - Bochs is an open source x86 PC emulator that runs on most popular platforms.
  • VMware - Proprietary virtualization software for x86-compatible computers, including VMware Workstation and the freeware VMware Server and VMware Player.
  • Apple II Emulator Resource Guide - Apple ][:
  • Basilisk - Mac: Avery good free Mac (pre-PowerMac only) emulator.
  • Munt - A multi-platform software synthesiser emulating pre-GM MIDI devices such as the MT-32 and CM-32L.
  • MT-32 Emulator Project - The original MT-32 project page. Has since been superceded by Munt.
  • Project 64 - A Nintendo 64 emulator.
Third Party Interpreters
AGI Games:
  • NAGI - A new, easy to use SCI interpreter by Nick Sonneveld. A good solution if you are having trouble running your old Sierra AGI games.
  • Sarien - Another AGI interpreter. Holds a lot of promise. Now being merged into ScummVM
  • AGI for Java - This interpreter is an open source project that aim to make an AGI Engine entirely in pure Java.
SCI Games:
  • FreeSCI - FreeSCI can run SCI0 (early) games
Scumm (LucasArts) Games:
  • ScummVM - Runs Scumm (LucasArts) games. Support has been added for non-Scumm games, too. Support is being added for the Coktel Vision games (Gobliiins, Woodruff)
Patches & Fixes
  • NewRisingSun's SCI Patch Page - Script code fixes against SCI timer bugs. Many of Sierra's infamous timer bugs (such as ERROR 52) have now been conquered. By NewRisingSun.
  • Gabriel Knight 2000 - Endroz's GK Patches & Tools. Enrico Rolfi has developed patches for the Gabriel Knight bugs. Use his installer to play these games in XP. You will also find a no interlace patch for the videos in GK2 here.
  • Phantasmagoria XP Installer - German only, but seems to work OK on the English version. Made with Endroz's tools.
  • LSL 7 - Setup Fix Page - Home of the LSL 7 - Setup Utility.
  • Sierra's FTP - Most of Sierra's official patches can be found here. Unfortunately, many of the files are unidentified with only cryptic 8 character DOS names.
  • KiewitzSoft eComStation.Ru - Home of the GOSiERRA Patch - A third party patch for the Sierra DOS SoundBlaster driver by Martin Kiewitz. Use to fix the "Unable to initialize your audio hardware . . ." error message that you get when starting up some of Sierra's DOS VGA games.
  • Phantasmagoria II DOS Patch - or from here - The Windows version of Phantasmagoria II does not run in XP and was released with no DOS version. This patch will convert the Windows version to DOS.
  • Hero's Quest Patches. Patches for all five games including the Win2k/XP patch for Dragon Fire.
  • The Patches Scrolls - A large repository game patches available for download.
Slowdown Utilities:
  • Mo'Slo CPU Slowdown Utilities - One of the better known slowdown utilities.
  • PC Slow Down Page! - A list of various slowdown utilities. Slowdown utilities results are inconsistent at best. Use as a last ditch effort to get around timer bugs.
Misc. Utilities:
  • DOSHelp - DOS utilities, bootdisk, and tutorials for all your DOS gaming needs. A joint venture between Home of the Underdogs and (Hosted by HOTU)
  • GBAGI - Play the original King's Quest on your Game Boy Advanced. By Brian Provinciano.
  • Ultimate AGI & SCI Site - A fan site by Brian Provinciano, creator of SCI Studio. Has many Sierra demo games and utilities for AGI and SCI games.
  • VAG's SCI Page - Tools for SCI resources. Ever want to play the movies in the later Sierra SCI game, like "The Beast Within" "Lighthouse" or "Phantasmagoria" outside of the game? VAG has developed a VMD Player that will let you.
Game Programming
  • SCI Studio - Edit existing SCI games or create your own just like Sierra's classic games. Developed by Brian Provinciano.
  • SCI Companion - A complete editor for EGA SCI games.
  • AGI Studio - Create your own games like King's Quest: Quest for the Crown.
  • Visual AGI - An integrated development environment for creating games for the Sierra AGI interpreter.
  • Adventure Game Studio - AGS allows you to create your own point-and-click adventure games.

Sierra Forums Member Forums

Other Sierra Forums

  • Sierra Gamers - Ever wish you could ask Ken Williams (founder of Sierra On-Line) a questions? Ask here at Ken Williams' site. Also has a Sierra archival project in project. Not as active as it once was.
  • The Subspace Channel - The message board of Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset.
  • Quest Studios Message Boards - If you are one of the fortunate few with a Roland MT-32 Sound module, but, are having trouble setting it up, you may find help here.

Other Game Forums

  • SquirtTheCat Forum - Boards for Squirt the Cat, new installers for Windows 95 era games.
  • ScummVM Forums - Forums for
  • GameBoomers Community - A very active game forum. Oriented to adventure games.
  • Adventure Forums - Forums for Adventure Gamers. One of the largest adventure game sites.
  • Just Adventure+ Forum - Forums for the site Just Adventure.
  • VOGONS - Stands for Very Old Games On New Systems. These boards can provide help for getting your old favorites running on your modern computer. Has forums for DOSBox, VDMSound and several Glide wrappers (for old 3-D games.)
  • NT Compatible - Another forum for help with running legacy games and applications on the NT family of Windows (NT 4, 2k and XP.)
Other Help
  • Replacement Docs - Find repalcement manuals in PDF format.
  • DOSHelp - DOS utilities, bootdisk, and tutorials for all your DOS gaming needs. A joint venture between Home of the Underdogs and
  • The Oldskool PC - A website dedicated to old PC gaming-related nostalgia and resources.
  • Dave's interesting DOS programs - Links to various DOS software and other DOS related websites.
  • HOTU Tech Help - by Jefe Picaro. If you encounter a problem with an old game, this site might have a solution.
  • Zophar's Domain - A large emulation site.
  • MobyGames - The Net's largest game database site.
Walkthroughs: Sierra Music:
Where To Obtain Old Games
  • CD Access - Has many older games in stock.
  • eBay - The on-line auction site. Sooner or later you will be able to find most of Sierra's games here.
Apple ][ Games:
  • - A FTP site with a very large collection of disk images.
  • Virtual Apple 2 - Preserving a generation of Apple 2 disks. An entire library of old Apple 2 disks online. They currently have over 1100 disk images archived on the web site. Relive, play, and enjoy old Apple 2 games and other disks through the internet and your web browser.
  • - Large game archive, good speed, files not zipped.


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