Half Life: Opposing Force Cheat

Start Half-Life using "hl.exe -dev -console
-game gearbox.

You may do this by modifying the windows shortcut properties for Half-Life OpFor and adding "-dev -console -game gearbox" to the end of the "Target" (or file to run).

The following commands are available in console:
IMPULSE 101 - Give all weapons and ammo.

Code Result
impulse 101
god God Mode
god 0 Godmode off
noclip No Clipping Mode - walk through walls/fly.
no target Enemies ignore you
give x* Gives Any Item
give weapon x** Give weapon x
give ammo_556 Ammo for M249
give ammo_762 Ammo for Sniper Rifle
map x** Goto Map "x"

** Where weapon "x" equals:



Hidden Audio
Approach the Boss of Opposing Force to hear backwards audio composed of the phrase "To win the game you must kill me Randy Pitchford" when played correctly. (Randy Pitchford is the leader of the development team at Gearbox Software.)

Go to the level Vicarious Reality.
After you see that holographic thing of Walter talking about barnacles, you will enter a freaky dark hallway with glass stuff containing alien beings. They are all labeled with an ID number and are perfectly safe, except for 007. He scaped from his glass prison. If you've ever seen James Bond, which you probably have, you know that James ALWAYS escapes. This must be an easter egg because 007 is a lot smaller than the other ID numbers. I doubt that it's a coincidence.

Just like in Half Life where the names of some of the people who made it were put around the lockers in the locker room, the names of some of the people who made Opposing Force are also in certain places e.g. at the start of the boot camp level look at the names on the boxes beside the beds.

Trash Compactor
The 'trash compactor' in the "Pit Worm's nest" level is right out of starwars (look at the doors and the pattern of lights above the doors).

Start the "boot camp" and type /noclip in the console to walk through walls. Go straight through the floor then and you reach a room with the hidden message "DMM 1999". DMM 1999 refers to David Michael Mertz 1999, the creator of the bootcamp.

Man in the Suit
If you're really curious about the man in the suit, you can use the "noclip" cheat code to walk throughs walls and doors to follow him. You will see him adjusting warheads and you even can take a look inside his briefcase.

Take a good look at Freeman
It's possible to take a good look at Freeman (I'm not talking about the various pictures on the wall). At the beginning of Level 5 'We are not alone, listen carefully, you'll hear a scientist encouraging "Freeman" to hurry. That's Gordon Freeman, the character players portrayed in the original Half-Life!

Try leaping into the orb to follow him to Xen. Unfortunately, you don't land over a platform like he did. For more fun, switch to noclip mode and warp inside. You can get a good look at Freeman then.

This easter egg gives some problems, becaue I don't recall in which level I found it. Anyway, somewhere, there's a filing cabinet/desk lying on the floor next to a picture of Gordon Freeman. If you crouch and look at the desk, there's a picture of two kids. I assume they're the kids of one of the programmers.

In the first level after the crash, a zombie throws a scientist through a window. If you run around the zombie into the lab, you'll see a computer with an ultrasound image. That ultrasound is of Randall Steward Pitchford III, the son of Randy Pitchford (the leader of Gearbox Software who developed Opposing Force).
He was born on January 8, after the game shipped!

MS Windows
There's a computer in the room where you meet Otis for the first time that looks like it's running MS Windows. If you use the keyboard five times, the computer will crash with the "blue screen of death."

Cheat Codes
Load the game with the "hl.exe -dev -console -game gearbox" command line. Then while playing a game, press ~ to display the console and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


  • God mode /god
  • All weapons with full ammo /impulse 101
  • No clipping mode /noclip
  • Adjust gravity sv_gravity [-999 - 999999]
  • Spawn indicated item /give [item name]
  • Spawn indicated weapon /give weapon_[weapon name]
  • Spawn indicated ammo /give ammo_[ammo name]
  • Map select /map [map name]

Weapon names

Use one of the following weapon names with the "/give weapon_[weapon
name]" code:
Weapon - Weapon name

  • .357 Magnum - 357
  • 9mm Assault Rifle - 9mmar
  • 9mm Handgun - 9mmhandgun
  • Crossbow - crossbow
  • Crowbar - crowbar
  • Desert Eagle - eagle
  • Displacer - displacer
  • Egon Gun - egon
  • Gauss Gun - gauss
  • Grapple - grapple
  • Hand Granate - handgrenade
  • Hornet Gun - hornetgun
  • Knife - knife
  • Laser Tripmine - tripmine
  • M249 SAW - m249
  • M40A Sniper Rifle - sniperrifle
  • Pipewrench - pipewrench
  • Rocket Thrower - rpg
  • Satchel Charge - satchel
  • Shock Rifle - shockrifle
  • Shotgun - shotgun
  • Snark - snark
  • Spore Launcher - sporelauncher

Ammo names
Use one of the following ammo names with the "/give ammo_[ammo name]" code:

Ammo type - Ammo name

  • .357 Magnum - 357
  • 9mm Assault Rifle - 9mm
  • 9mm Handgun - 9mm
  • Crossbow - crossbow
  • Egon Gun - egonclip
  • Gauss Gun - gaussclip
  • M249 SAW - 556
  • M40A Sniper Rifle - 762
  • Rocket Thrower - rpgclip
  • Shotgun - buckshot
  • Spore Launcher - spore

Map names:
Use the following map names with the "/map [map name]" code:

Boot Camp:

  • ofbooto
  • ofboot1
  • ofboot2
  • ofboot2
  • ofboot3
  • ofboot4

Regular game:

  • of0a0
  • of1a1
  • of1a2
  • of1a3
  • of1a4
  • of1a4b
  • of1a5
  • of1a5b
  • of2a1
  • of2a1b
  • of2a2
  • of2a3
  • of2a4
  • of2a5
  • of2a5b
  • of3a1
  • of3a1b
  • of3a2
  • of3a3
  • of3a4
  • of3a5
  • of3a6
  • of4a1
  • of4a2
  • of4a3
  • of4a4
  • of4a5
  • of5a1
  • of5a2
  • of5a3
  • of5a4
  • of6a1
  • of6a2
  • of6a3
  • of6a4
  • of6a4b
  • 0f6a5
  • of7a0


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