Early Leisure Suit Larry Cheat

In LSL2, LSL3 you can enter Sierra's debug mode by pressing LSHIFT RSHIFT GREY -

All global variable values can be changed. Changes take effect after exiting DEBUG mode.


Global variables Notes
1 - Game ID (Example Ls2) Read only (@)
2 - Room number (Ex. rm8 for room      #8) Read only
3 - Speed 0 - Max, but 99 is quite slow
4 - Unknown  
5-8 - Something from EventHandler  
9 - Pointer to object inventory Read only
12 - Previous scene number  
13 - Scene number Can be used for teleport.
14 - Breakpoint flag If non-zero, Auto-DEBUG on room CHANGE
15 - Score New score is displayed only after next non-DEBUG change.
16 - Max Score New score is displayed only after next non-DEBUG change.
30 - Pointer to SG Directory. Use INSPECT to view SG directory.

Global variable's marked with (@), attempted value changes have no effect. They are automatically restored. Here are the debug commands.


Key - Command Notes
q - Quit Quit immediately
t - Temp variable Inspect temp variable
a - Inspect acc
i - Inspect See chapter "Inspect"
o - Object See available objects.
r - Resources See resources
s - Send stack  
d - Display memory  
f - Free heap  
g - Global variable Inspect global variable
l - Local variable Inspect local variable
b - Break in (If object value is changed, Auto-DEBUG)  
c - Inspect current object  

Inspect subcommands

Keys Effect
Up, Down, Left, Right Scroll
Enter Next item
[,] Move to address
i Inspect
e Edit
c Collection: If you press C while inspecting Inv, you can get Inventory List.

Use inspect subcommands recursively. Example While viewing Inventory List, assign ego address to owner. ego, owner are objects. So you can collect all treasures at any time. Write ego in lower case.

You can inspect hex address of memory (Example $3455) or any object (Example, Sound)


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