SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle Cheat

While playing a game, press [Shif+~ to display the console. Then, enter one of the following Codes: [Submitted by:Two Jabronies]

  • Team God Mode..... swatlord
  • Infinite Ammunitiol..... biggerpockets
  • Rapid Fire..... doubleshot
  • More Gore..... nc17
  • Win Current Mission..... iamleet
  • Night Missions Played in Daytime..... noshades
  • No Pants or Shirts..... casual
  • Suspects Harder to Kill..... hotstuff
  • Suspects will not surrender..... justin
  • Slow-Motion..... johnwoo
  • Shoot Rats to Make Them Rabid..... rabies
  • Force a Team Mate to Fire Their Weapon.....whosyourboss


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