Earthsiege 2 Help

Earthsiege 2's original requirements:

Windows 95 or greater
486 DX minimum
16 MB Hard drive space
Sound card with DAC


Game Specific Bugs

There are a couple of bugs the games have that are not speed dependent.

Problem - Can't find Drive.cfg in source directory or sub-dirrectory:
If you launch "Es.exe" before you run setup, you will get an error message that it can't find a file in source directory or sub-dirrectory:

Aseert error: line 49 src\fileutil.cpp:data drive.cfg

Solution #1:
Be sure to run "Setup.exe" first. Setup will generate the file "Drive.cfg" in the "/Data" sub-directory of game.

Solution #2:
Manually create the file "Drive.cfg" in the "/Data" sub-directory and enter in the first line the source path (where you uncompressed the game) and in the second line the game path (where the game is installed). Both paths can be are the same.

Problem - Unable to load DDRAW.DLL:

Delete the DDRAW.DLL in the game directory (You won't need it with Direct-X installed).


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