Glitches in pre-1990 Sierra games

Iannus (Sierra WebX boards - Sept 25, 2002)

When you play today's games you can get glitches and problems that won't allow you to continue successfully thus causing you to lose (and if you haven't saved, well, tough luck!)

In older games, there are a lot of minor glitches that are only cause for a couple of laughs but let you carry on.

when Sonny meets Steve at Carols Caffeine, if you have Sonny look the opposite direction of Steve and have him walk towards the table, press F4 quick and you'll end up with two Steves sitting at the table (since Sonny has black hair, you'll have two characters with Yellow hair and look exactly the same!)

When you finish the big poker game with the Death Angel, after he invites you to his apartment, follow him, when you get to the stairway, go into the lounge and you can reenter the poker game you just left with Frank still sitting there waiting for you to play...!

When you're in the locker room, talk to everyone except the guy taking a shower, when you leave, the guy in the shower is still there, do that for the rest of the game and you'll see the guy showers throughout the whole game...!

Any of the arrest/chase scenes, if you get the old disco (left over from LSL1), after you've made your arrest, if you wander around inside the disco, at occasion you'll get a glitch and you'll have Sonny walk through walls as if the building is not there!

When you inspect the body at Cotton Cove, after you've finished what you have to do, if you go back to the body and do it all over, you'll get more points (do it over and over and you keep getting the points awarded for that part of the game!)

You simply can't go into another room without Marry following you, when you're at the Hotel under cover, if she's like across the room and you enter the elevator without her, as soon as the elevator doors close, she's jumped from across the room to right next to you!

Have Jerrod walk into his office and you'll see a guy on the second floor all spread out only to have him sit normally when Jerrod reaches him, at certain points, if you catch the glitch , you can have Jerrod reach the guy and he'll not be sitting normally (it's hard to explain, I'd have to show you!)

When Jerrod is in Independence wild area, have him walk off-screen and at the same moment press F3 (with a dig command) and press enter, you'll have Jerrod starting to dig but also swimming across the screen over and over again until he hits something to stop him!

Look at your inventory after you found the mother lode gold mine, your gold goes wild and you end up with something like $545555533$%$%$#@#356643$$^&&*&^ money...!

back in my old days of hacking computer code, I could remove the enemy in certain areas of the maze. When you kill an enemy, your score will go from 0 to 5000 to 435 to 10000 to 45$#@453 and so on. When your maximum shield is at 500 and if you get touched, you can die at certain parts in this version.


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