Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance FAQ

by TjMaxx 9/21/97

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The following FAQ list was compiled from message posts from Sierra's Message board. Some messages have been edited to remove information not pertaining to the question. If you have a question you would like to see added or is not covered under this list. Drop me an e-mail at [email protected] or Visit Sierra's Web page at And visit the message boards there are many knowledgeable people who are willing to answer any questions you may have.

The Horror Known as GORGON

  1. How do I memorize / learn spells?
  1. To memorize spells prior to an adventure, go to the adventure prep screen and left click on your wizard. A box should come up with the character's inventory etc. Click on Spells and a whole list of spells with varying levels should come up. Some will be set at 0 and some will be memorized already. There should also be a button there. To memorize the spell, just click on buttons to your liking. There is only a certain amount of spells you can memorize per level and to see how many of that level you have left to memorize, just deselect the spell that is currently selected and down the bottom, you should see a little status message saying n1/n2/n3/n4/etc. where n numbers of spells left that you can memorize for that level (the n1 n2 etc. denotes level 1, level 2, etc. etc. etc.).
  1. I found a Spell book/Tome, how do I use it?
  1. To memorize spell books for wizards, just go to the inventory screen DURING THE ADVENTURE and 'use' the book. Be aware that sometimes books can only be used by people with a certain alignment. And some books, especially Priest books, aren't spell books, rather, if the right character (in terms of alignment) is carrying it in their inventory, then the bonuses automatically begin working for you.
  1. How do you equip rings and cloaks?
  1. Click on the picture of the item on your inventory screen to Equip items. If it's an equipable item it will get a * next to it. Things like wands staffs and necklaces are used with the USE buttons and others are used simply by having them on your person (mostly tomes and artifacts).
  1. Help!! I am on a quest and ran into That big ugly Gorgon, I tried fighting him But he stones half the party and swiftly kills the other half. How can I defeat him? Also, if he is killed in the adventure, is he also demised in the rest of the game? Do you get points for his death?
  1. Well, it doesn't do a whole lot of good to fight the Gorgon in hand to hand combat, because even if you win, he doesn't really die. He just turns to stone and comes back after the adventure is over. I recommend using the Wand of Flesh to Stone on him. One shot, from a distance, and he's out of action for the rest of the adventure.
  1. If you don't want to just stone the old guy (which seems a little too easy doesn't it?) you can try this: 1. Send a fighter or two in to do combat with him. Have them use a potion of Giant Strength. There's a potion of Titan strength right there in the room where the ogres are before you fight the Gorgon, unless you come up one of the two back ways, that is. There is also a Potion of Invulnerability, but you do not need this if you 2. have a ready supply of Confusion or Power Word: Stun spells available. Use them and his rockiness will just wander about or stand immobile while your fighter(s) thrash him. 3. It also helps if you use any Oil of Sharpness you have with you. A Blindness spell will also make him easier to hit. The Gorgon can't get out of the room he is in, so you need not face him if you don't feel like it. There are some nice goodies in that room with him, though. By carefully placing yourself in the doorway and in the back entrances, however, you can snatch all the treasure up without having to fight him. These tactics also work when you go on the Kal-Saitharak adventure and face him again. (You can kill him during an adventure or on the battle field, but he just keeps coming back.)
  1. You get about 32,000 exp. for killing him.

Realm Questions - The Broken Empire

  1. The Imperial City of Anuire. I must be blind or something because I have never seen it. Can someone help me out and let me know where I should be looking for it?
  1. The Imperial City Is the City of Anuire. It is located between The Diemed realm and Avanil. It is kind of (but not really) a part of the province of Anuire. But It a power in its own right. It is a neutral City and has its own regents (that never lasts long.)
  1. Simple question. Vassals, what are they and how do I get some?
  1. Vassalage is political agreement between two domains. One regent agrees to be the "Lord," who's major responsibility is to provide protection to the other party, the vassal. In return, the vassal must aid the Lord when called upon, either by providing troops in time of war or paying tribute. In Birthright, you create a vassalage agreement by using the Diplomacy domain action. You must increase another domains reaction rating (the percentage next to their name) to 150% or more. You will generally need to create a Permissive Alliance, followed by a Full Alliance, and then finally go for the Oath of Fealty which creates the vassalage agreement.

    When you negotiate an Oath of Fealty with a landed domain, that domain will become a very close ally but you will not get any of their holdings (of course, you can always demand them through Diplomacy). When you negotiate the Oath with a non-landed regent or domain, such as the High Mage Aelies or the Swamp Mage, they become your lieutenant and you gain control of all of their holdings.

  1. How is it possible that the Gorgon takes over a whole realm with all holdings and units in one round????
  1. Gorgon takes over an entire realm at once. HEY! That's no fair. Oh, wait -- he did it right after he slapped his incompetent ally aside and said he was going to take over his armies himself, right?
  1. How do I prevent my lieutenants or Regent from being assassinated?
  1. Always stack your Regent and important lieutenants with other units. This lowers the chances that they will be the target of an assassin.
  1. What does a trade rout do?
  1. Guilds bring in a certain amount of GB without any trade routes. In fact, a Guild (5) in a Province (5) has the potential to generate 1d6 GB, the same amount as a Temple (5) in that same province. So, if making the maximum GB is your goal, Guilds are a better approach because they bring in a nice income on their own, and their trade routes can be VERY lucrative. To determine how much a trade route will bring in, average the levels of the two provinces it connects. For example, if I create a route between Caercas in Roesone which is a Province (4) and Calrie in Aerenwe, a Province (6), I will make 5 GB per turn off of it. Not bad. Guilds will probably be even more attractive when they do something to make Thieves better lieutenants.
  1. How can I use blood abilities?
  1. As far as I know, all of the blood abilities that should effect realm actions or battles do work as they should. But, the blood abilities that should have had an effect in adventures were disabled when the game shipped. A whole slew of these have been fixed and were listed in the Birthright Updates Newsletter. 4 more were fixed after the newsletter went out.
  1. I have a Invaded and laid siege to a province and I accidentally moved my troops into a province I already have. When I try to move them back I get a message "You cannot cross that boarded" Why?
  1. Once you have declared war, invaded and laid siege to a province. Your troops may move freely in and out of that province even after the season you declared war has passed, As long as you have troops in the province securing your military claim to that province. Once you move your troops out, you no longer have that claim and must declare war to reenter the province or enter via some other means like transport or summoning.
  1. How do I successfully Conquer an enemy's land?
  1. The crossed swords (the X) on the province icon means that you have successfully occupied the province. There is still one more step to take before you can control it, though. You must destroy all castles and wizards towers in the province (this happens automatically if you have troops in the province equal to the castle or tower level) and then use the Investiture action to take control of the province. You will know when you have met the requirements for investiture when the crossed word change to the silhouette of a soldier (looks like a little blob) on the province icon in the taxation menu. Now that you own the province, you can use the agitate option to raise the level of loyalty. Agitate is a very powerful tool if used properly since you can agitate any providence in which you have holdings.
  1. Whenever I investiture a conquered province, the province has a "X" over a symbol in the taxation screen. I can tax them but only lightly or the loyalty will go down. Is there a way to get totally control of a conquered province and how?
  1. Now that you own the province, you can use the agitate option to raise the level of loyalty. Agitate is a very powerful tool if used properly since you can agitate any providence you have holdings in.
  1. The most common cause of deteriorating loyalty in a provence you have invested (note the word. I know I' m pedantic but: Investiture, the act of investment, to invest, I invested that provence) is a lack of law holdings and taxing the provence above "light".

    You need to create and rule law holdings in a provence if you want to increase the tax rate. It's often easiest to just build trade routes and get the bulk of your money that way.

    Sometimes, though, as a kind of "random event," provinces with adequate law holdings will flip out, riot, and rebel. This is rare, though. But it has happened to me.

  1. What is the purpose of having the War Banner of the Gorgon?
  1. When you get the War Banner from the Gorgon, you get 100 points toward becoming the next emperor of all Anuire.
  1. I Am having trouble increasing the levels of holdings that I created. In my capital province, I was unable to raise 0 level temple holding to a 1st level holding until my province level was 6. Why does that happen? Am I doing something wrong?
  1. Sounds like someone else has their feet in your territory... Click on the first button on the bottom right (that says units and holdings). Then select button that allows the comp to show all holdings and units for all three categories. Then check out the map and see if people are hogging up your space...

    Guilds, temples and Law holdings all rely on the amount of population space left in the province. E.g. 5/6 means level 5 pop and level 6 magic. Source holdings rely on the magic level. Now if someone has a holding in your territory, say at a level 4, then in the above example, your maximum holding can only be a level 1 (4+1=5), until you raise the level of the population (which is what you have done) in which case, you can increase by a further level (and so can they, so be quick!!).

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