Lode Runner Editor

The command for the Lode Runner editor is a
<Ctrl>E. This command Works during the demo program or after a game and the logo is on the Screen.

When you are in the edit feature the following commands work:

  • "P" - Play a selected level
  • "I" - Initialize a new data disk
  • "E" - Edit a level
  • "S" - Clear high score list
  • "C" - Clear a level
  • "M" - Move a level

<Esc> Cancels any command.

If you want to 'E'dit a level:

  1. Erases anything.
  2. Brick (diggable floor)
  3. Block (undiggable floor)
  4. Ladder
  5. Pole
  6. Fake Floor (looks weird, but looks like 1, when playing the board)
  7. Ladder that appears after all boxes have been gotten, when playing. Looks weird also, but looks like 3 when playing. Maximum of 45.
  8. Box.
  9. Enemy. Maximum of five per level.
  10. The player. Maximum of one per level.

Use the I, J, K, M diamond for moving the editing cursor.
<Ctrl>-S saves your level,
Ctrl-Q gets you out of editing mode.


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